The Petite Bourgeois Blues (Single)

by Greta Mob

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We are Greta Mob

Conceived in Wangaratta, incubated in Berlin and a Mudgee shearing shed and born in the ashes of the Sandringham Hotel in Sydney. We then flew from the nest at the Folk Rhythm & Life festival on Yorta Yorta country where the whole thing began.

And here, we have "The Petite Bourgeois Blues".

Recorded in Berlin and finished in a shearing shed in western NSW, all the while working dead end factory and truck driving jobs in western Sydney to fund it.

If Leadbelly had the Bourgeois Blues we got The Petite Bourgeois Blues.

We are an 100% DIY band. We wrote, produced engineered and mixed our forthcoming album 'Let The Sunburnt Country Burn'. We directed and produced our own filmclip for this single. We designed the website, the cover art and wrote the fucking press release.

We are coming soon to a venue near you.

Live dates to the right of screen


released March 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Greta Mob Sydney, Australia

Let The Sunburnt Country Burn

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Track Name: The Petite Bourgeois Blues (edit)
You've been wastin'
All my precious time.

You've been holdin'
Holdin' on to what should be mine.

You've been teachin' me,
All the tricks you don't know.

The bank man,
And his hands.
Are waitin' to dissolve you.

I've been thinkin'
Thinkin' bout that offer you made.

And it don't sound too good.

Put that needle in.
And don't forget to close you're eyes

She's gonna hit you...
Where it hurts.
And the pain is gonna be...
Track Name: Yorta Yorta (Live)
Yorta Yorta Lyrics & Music by Rhyece O'Neill 2006

Well it was 1995 and I was a young boy, not old or wise
So I took a ride down to the river to catch myself a Murray Cod, I had some Bardi Grubs
And there was nobody else in sight you would have thought I was the only boy alive
Then this man came with a gun in his hand he said "Watcha' doin' there boy on my land?" he said "Your tresspassin'"
I said "I did not know that you owned this land sir, I thought it belonged to the Yorta Yorta Clan sir, the Yorta Yorta people.
He said "There aint no more of them blacks alive, they started killing them back in 1835, they started killing then"

(Missing verse)
He said "You have no right to be here boy, get off my land before I put a slug in your ass" so I ran real fast
And I grabbed my rod and I rode away and I thought to myself
"This is Strange, how can he own this land? He's just a farmer man, but this is Sacred land! Sacred land!

When I rode back into town that night I could not sleep I was in fright
And when finally I got to sleep a tribal elder came to me in my dream he said "How ya been?"
Then the farmer he appeared again with a twin barreled shotgun in his hands
And he pointed that gun to the elders head and he said "You blacks are better off dead"
Then he told the elder to turn around and he pulled the trigger, he shot him down.

Well the truth be known that we don't own this land, it belongs to the Yorta Yorta clan.
Lets give it back to them.
But the whiteman's never gonna give it back cause he knows that its worth too much cash...
And it's in the bank.
And meanwhile the river is dying and the government has not even tried...

To Fix the evil,

That Major Mitchell.

Brought to this land.

The truth be known that we don't own this land it belongs to the Yorta Yorta clan!

Copyright Rhyece O'Neill 2006